2021 FINAL! 

WE’RE #1!

Welcome to
the Miracle Chefs

This year’s Walk/Run

Because of Covid-19, the Miracle Chefs held our “virtual” Walk/Run this year on Sunday, October 3 with 17 members of the team present.  With our other members, we were the LARGEST team in this year’s event. We raised $12,700 this year — the second highest team total, and about 15% of all the money raised.

We’re cooking up a cure for cancer

Miracle Chefs win the award for the biggest team in 2021.  Co-captains Vandana Khare and Barbara Potter (holding plaque), with Richard Potter.

We’ve all been touched by cancer. It might be a dear family member. Or a dear friend. Or even ourselves.

So here are 3 ways the Miracle Chefs fight back:

1. By raising money for more and more research into the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

2. By helping those dealing with cancer right now to ensure they get the very best outcome, with the very best quality of life.

3. By enjoying the support and camaraderie of each other. There’s nothing more satisfying than joining others in a noble cause, and knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of others.

Who we are

The Miracle Chefs are based in Santa Barbara, California.  We first formed a team in 2000, and now we take part in the Santa Barbara’s Cancer Foundation’s annual Walk/Run fund-raising event held in Montecito every October. The event raises $150,000+ for clinical research and oncology supportive care programs at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.

As part of the event, our team typically raises $10,000+ every year.  Since 2000 we’ve raised close to $300,000. 100% of every dollar goes to fight cancer; the Miracle Chefs don’t keep a single penny of the monies we raise.

We raise more because we typically have one of the largest teams — we had 47 members in 2019. This year (2021) with the Covid-19 restrictions, the Walk/Run is to be “virtual.”

And, in case you’re wondering: we’re not really “chefs.” So you don’t have to be one to join us. We started our fundraising many years ago by appealing to local restaurants to help us raise money. We figured they’d love to be associated with the Miracle Chefs. They did.  We like the name. We like who we are. And we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.

There’s a place for you

We always welcome new members to the Miracle Chefs team. It costs nothing to join the Miracle Chefs. You get a distinctive yellow member-only T-shirt to wear on the day, and to keep.  Or you can simply donate on behalf of the team directly to the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara.

While we’ve already held our Virtual Walk/Run for 2021 but there’s always next year! As the month’s go by, and the mask/social distancing rules are relaxed, we’ll be getting together for socials, including “getting-to-know-you” for new members. If you’d like to join, we’d very much like to have you (call or email Barbara, below).  What could be better for 2022 than this!

#1!  We’re the largest team in the
Cancer Foundation’s 2021 Virtual Walk/Run!

Our 2021 Virtual Walk